How do I Cancel a Subscription With NewSub Magazine Services?

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NewSub Magazine Services offers subscribers three free-trial magazines and a three month period of time to cancel. If a subscriber decides to cancel, he can call NewSub Magazine Services and cancel over the phone. After the order has been cancelled, the subscriber should monitor his bank accounts for any charges by NewSub Magazine Services and take further steps to close the account if necessary.

Call NewSub Magazine Services at 800-205-9198 before the three-month trial period ends. Listen to the list of options and select 1 for cancellation options. If the subscriber isn't calling from her home phone number, it will have to be entered so the representative can access the correct account. The subscriber needs to be clear that she wishes to cancel the trial and the subscription, and write down the confirmation number.

Call the number again the next week to confirm the subscription cancellation was entered and processed. Subscribers can also check their subscription records at

Check the subscribers bank account for any charges by NewSub Magazine Services after the order has been cancelled.

Contact Synapse Group, Inc. at 203-595-8255 if there is any trouble ending the subscription. Synapse is the parent group for NewSub Magazine Services.


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