How to Download Audiobooks From the Library

Updated February 21, 2017
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Libraries don't just carry regular books, they also carry audiobooks that you can download and listen to for a limited time on your computer, smartphone or digital audio player. Audiobooks are more convenient than printed books since you can listen to them while doing other things such as driving, working out or cleaning house. Libraries have various ways of checking out audiobooks, but most allow library patrons to check them out online through the library Website.

Call your local library and ask if the library has audiobooks for checkout and what the process is. Get the address for the Web page if you don't have it already.

Browse to the Web page of your public library on your computer or PDA.

Search the library's online catalog for the audiobook you wish to check out. Some libraries have separate sections for audiobooks. Most catalogs allow searching by title, author and subject, along with many other search criteria.

Follow the instructions for download and check out. Libraries use different systems for checkout, so if you're confused about the process, check the "Help" section or call the library for help.

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  • Different libraries have different policies for checking out audiobooks. Most limit the number of audiobooks you can have out at one time. The files will time out and become unusable after a certain number of days.

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