How to Download Ebooks

Internet book purchasing is a convenient way to access thousands of books and immediately purchase and begin reading. Devices such as the Sony Reader, Kindle and iPod allow you to carry hundreds of book on a device that will fit in most handbags, and the best part is you won't need to dust them. If you don't have a handheld device, you can download books to your computer and read them on your laptop or desktop.

Handheld Devices

Install the software that came with the device on your laptop or desktop computer.

Attach or sync the device with the software. Some devices provide a USB cable for connection, and other devices can sync through Bluetooth.

Access books for sale through the device or the software and shop. Select the books you want and set up a pay method for your account. Pay for the books and click to begin downloading.

Laptop or Desktop?

Choose an ebook provider. Different ebook providers often have different file formats for ebooks. It is best to choose a provider that can supply all your needs, so that you need only one set of translation software.

Download the translation software from the provider's website to your laptop or desktop computer.

Set up an account with the ebook provider and select books to purchase. Pay for the books and click the provided link to begin your download.


Always follow the manufacturer's or provider's instructions for installation and set up of ebook software.