How to Make a Presentation Longer


Presentations can run very quickly, especially when you're nervous and breezing through the material. If you have a presentation with a required length, there are a few things you can do to make your presentation longer. Getting the audience involved and speaking slowly will help you to deliver an effective speech that reaches the length requirement.

Speak slowly and clearly throughout the presentation. Don't go on autopilot and rush through your presentation or you'll fall short of your required time.

Create a handout for your audience and pass it out before you start your presentation. This will take up a little time and get the audience involved.

Use a slide presentation to show data and figures.

Take breaks during your presentation to ask if anyone has questions.

Show a relevant video clip. This will take up a few minutes and will ease your nerves.

Get the audience involved. Ask questions throughout. "Has anyone here ever experienced ..." This will start a discussion and take up some time.

Prepare an activity for the audience. Make a simple quiz or crossword puzzle relating to your presentation and bring a prize for whoever can finish it first.

Hold a question-and-answer session at the end of the presentation.

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