How to Write a Good Subtitle for an Article

Writing a good subtitle for an article is key to attracting your intended audience. Often, readers will read the title of an article and then scan the subheadings. If subheadings are well written, readers will want to continue reading the article.

Divide your article into major points. For example, if you are writing about fishing, your major points may be places to fish, fishing equipment and reasons to fish.

Decide on one or two words that summarize the main point of a section. These words should be straightforward and let the reader know what to expect in that section.

Write the subheading in bold before each major point of your article.

Leave a double space between the subheading and the corresponding section.

Do not underline your subheading.

Make your subtitles appeal to your intended audience.

If subheadings are too long, readers will not bother to scan them and may not read your article.

Subheadings need to attract the attention of your reader.

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