How to Be a Voice Impersonator

Updated July 12, 2018

If you want to become a voice impersonator you need to have a good ear to notice the subtle inflections and tone that make a voice unique. It also takes patience to master the voice and persistence to find work. If you have the above and a desire to entertain people becoming a voice impersonator may be a fun way to make a living. Voice impersonators may find work on cruise ships, comedy clubs, in television and entertain at corporate events.

Select voices you want to impersonate. Choose people to impersonate whose voice is easily recognizable by most people. Consider presidents, celebrities such as actor and singers and sports figures. Determine the range your voice has when selecting.

Listen to recordings. Obtain recordings of those celebrities and public figures you are learning to impersonate. If possible watch videotape to learn mannerisms. Listen for tone and inflections in specific words.

Keep practicing. Becoming a voice impersonator takes repeated practice. Try new voices out to determine which ones sound the most authentic. Record and listen to your impersonations to determine what you need work on.

Write some material. Develop a routine or act that showcases your voice impersonations. Take a workshop in comedy writing.

Put together a demo tape. Show off your best impersonations. The tape can be used when auditions in person are not possible.

Go to an open mike night. Contact comedy clubs in your area and ask when they have open mike nights. Many clubs have these to find new talent. It is also a chance for a new performer to try out material with an audience and see what works.

Contact radio stations. Explain that you are a voice impersonator and would like to send in a demo tape to the station manager. Some radio stations may be interested in using a voice impersonator to do commercial work or segments on a radio program.


An agent can help get you auditions and negotiate better pay. Think about moving. It may be possible to find work wherever you live. However certain cities such as New York City, Los Angeles and Las Vegas have a larger number of entertainment venues where a voice impersonator can find work. Setup a website to help advertise your talents.

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