How to Act Like a Gangster

Updated July 12, 2018

The term gangster has different connotation for different cultures. The gangster has long been feared and revered throughout history. Capturing the essence of the gangster image is dependent upon the cultural image and atmosphere you will primarily be living. Follow these steps to achieve the quintessential gangster image and act like a gangster, regardless of cultural background.

First determine what kind of gangster image you wan to portray. Evaluate your cultural environment to determine the correct path to follow in your pursuit in acting like a gangster.

Understand that even in gangster culture there is a code of ethics and honor to follow. Be aware of the protocol and chain of command in the gang that you are trying to be a part of.

Adapt a style that is consistent with your gangster culture. Add a personal spin to the style to make you feel more like yourself while mixing it with the gangster subculture. Carefully review any films or music styles that are coherent with the gangster image.

Give yourself a nickname or ask a friend to help you adopt a nickname that goes well with your personality but has an edge. Learn the vocabulary and colloquialisms of the culture so you can seamlessly integrate this language into your speech.

Always remain calm and collected even in stressful situations. Be confident and a little cocky but always aware of who your friends and enemies are. Loyalty is very important within a gang/thug culture so it's imperative that you maintain good relations with your friends.


Video games that mimic gangster life can be equally as entertaining and less precocious than participating in gang culture. Watch staple gangster films like "Scarface" and "The Godfather" to see how master actors portray this often duplicated subculture. Always know who your rival gangs are. Be careful not to behave in ways that mimic their styles since it is both disrespectful to your gang and the one you are imitating.

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