How to Write a News Bright

Things You'll Need

  • A sense of humor
  • A computer
  • The internet

A news bright is a short "odd" news article about one to three paragraphs long that is humorous in nature. These stories often contain puns and have a fun, campy style. Here are some tips on how to write a news bright.

Let's write some Odd News!

Look through local newspapers, web sites, magazines or watch television news programs to try to find a news story that is particularly unusual. Usually stories that have to do with animals doing funny things or anything related to sex can make up a news bright.

Write a headline that is eye-popping and try to incorporate puns or word associations, which draw attention. For example: "Naked truth sought in subway flasher court case".

Write a short lead, or first paragraph that consists of one sentence. If you write one that is too long, the reader will lose interest. The point is to keep it simple and light, as this is the nature of such news stories. If the story involves a person, you may opt to use his or her name in the lead or just write "a man" or "a woman" and then incorporate his or her name in the second paragraph. Also, in some cases, one word can even constitute the lead of a bright. For example, a story about a man who gets himself super-glued to a toilet accidentally, you could simply write: "Ouch."

Write one or two more paragraphs to back up your lead. Include background information if it is necessary and be an effective storyteller by explaining the events that led up to the punchline in chronological order. Bear in mind that the shorter the story is, the better, as readers usually do not have the patience to read a lot of details when it comes to stories of this nature.

Proof-read your story to ensure it doesn't contain any spelling or grammar mistakes and that all names, if noted, are spelled correctly.


If you are stuck on thinking up clever word associations, think of the main noun in the title and think of all the words you can link to that word. For example -- "cat" can be linked to "meow," "fuzzy," "feline," "kitty," "pet" and "purr".

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