How to Get a Book Published With Parragon Publishing

Parragon Publishing is an international publishing company that is focused on children's books and non-fiction books for adults, especially books on cooking. According to their New York office, they will accept unsolicited manuscripts and book proposals, but most of their publications are client-driven, not author-driven. This means that the best way to get a book published through Parragon is to work for Parragon and fulfill one of their internal demands. An outsider can still be published if their manuscript satisfies a current need.

Go to Parragon Publishing's web site and research the type of books they publish. If you have the knowledge, expertise and desire to write a book that fits their publishing niche, begin writing.

Complete the manuscript or, for non-fiction books, complete a thorough book proposal. Make sure they are in a professional format. The "Writer's Digest Guide to Manuscript Formats" is an excellent resource.

Write a query letter to go along with your submission. "Writer's Digest Guide to Query Letters" is another excellent resource for style and format.

Submit your query letter and manuscript to the Parragon Publishing office nearest you or to their headquarters in your country. The addresses can be found on the "Contact Us" page at their web site.

Follow up with a phone call if you have not heard anything within six months. Most publishers have many unsolicited manuscripts to go through and the process is very slow. You must have patience to have any book published, regardless of publisher.

Pay attention to the letter you receive if you are rejected. Sometime editors will include helpful tips to apply to your next manuscript. Keep writing and submitting until you find something they feel will meet their standards and fill one of their needs.