How to Write a Bio for a Press Kit


A press kit refers to the promotional materials that are distributed to the press to generate publicity for a person or business. One of the components of a press kit is a bio. In many cases, public relations specialists write bios and put together press kits, while some people or companies choose to do it themselves. Taking the time to understand the kind of contents and writing style that characterize a successful bio can provide you with significant leverage over a public image, be it your client's or your own.

Avoid paraphrasing a resume in the bio. Include details such as degrees earned only if they directly relate to the topic that the press kit is pitching.

Consider unconventional questions, for example "What is the biggest risk you have ever taken?" Responses to these atypical questions will provide you with content that will catch the attention of the journalist reading the bio, setting the bio apart from others.

Include quotes only from credible sources, such as industry experts and veterans. Do not include compliments, however nice, given by people who do not have concrete credentials in the field---fans or family members, for example.

Stay away from intangible, overly descriptive statements such as "an artist whose work is taking the nation by storm."

Consider the audience that will be reading the bio. A bio targeting a writer from a hip hop music magazine requires a different tone and register than one that will be read by a financial columnist of a national newspaper.

Keep the bio concise and short. Industry professionals and members of the media, who are typically swamped with press kits and other PR materials, rarely read an entire bio.

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