How to Get Paid to Beta Test Games

Beta testing games is different from playing video games for fun. You will be part of a testing cycle and write reports on your findings of glitches within a title before the release. Developers hire beta game testers to discover bugs within a game. Often a beta game tester does not have the luxury of choosing the games he tests. As a tester, you must be flexible and willing to test all titles within the video game world, including games for kids.

Be prepared to work hard. It is not unheard of to work 80 hours per week just to bring a game in on time.

Write clearly and report even the most minor bugs within the game. Quality assurance personnel and designers expect reports written intelligibly and to have structure. You could be let go if your reports are short and unreadable.

Remove unwanted distractions while you are working. Don't use your cell phone or converse on the Internet while testing. This is your time to work on testing a new game title and following your instructions so you can write your reports.

Practice using multiple video game platforms. Many game developers release a game on multiple platforms, like the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the Wii. The more platforms you are familiar with, the more beta testing you can undertake to provide job security.