How to Make a Living by Reading Books

Things You'll Need

  • Business cards
  • Advertisement signs
  • Computer with email

If you are one of those people who can sit and read for hours on end, you should consider finding a job that pays you to read. Reading books is a good job for the elderly, stay-at-home parents, disabled people or others who just want to work at home.

Advertise proofreading. Brush up on or learn all the proofreaders marks. Find a couple of writers' groups in your area. Attend a meeting and hand out business cards to the members offering your proofreader’s skills to catch any mistakes before they send their books to a publisher or agent.

Hang up signs, especially on college campuses, offering your services. Offer to work with hard copies or emailed copies of students' papers or manuscripts.

Find book publishers in your town. Purchase a book that teaches you how to write professional, in-depth book reviews. Read a few books and write reviews of those books. Make up a portfolio of your work. Take this to the publishers and ask them to put you on the list of manuscript readers.

Set up a book review blog. Charge a set fee and post advertisements on the blog offering to read and review authors' books. Offer to read and review all books whether they are traditionally or self-published books.

Find magazines that accept book reviews. Get their review guidelines. Read the book of their choice and write the review. Send the review in for publication and payment.