How to Write an Engineering Report

An engineering report is used to convey technical information about a product or process. The report should state clear objectives, show all testing or compiled data, and a summary of the results. By the end, you will draw conclusions and make recommendations based on the information contained in the report.

Begin with a purpose or objective. This section should be brief but succinct.

Supplement the purpose with background information or an introduction in a separate paragraph if needed to help the intended reader understand the report.

Describe the methods you use in testing or evaluation in terms that your audience will understand. Write clearly and transition between ideas smoothly in this section.

Present all of your data and analysis of information in the next section. Show graphs and charts that make the data easier to comprehend and explain results.

Summarize with conclusions and recommendations. Use brief references to your data or results to support your conclusions if necessary.


Some engineering reports are organized in an essay format, complete with title page, table of contents, introduction, body, summary and references, and are used more when presenting data to an outside source. Internal reports may be less formal and contain the basic information without the additional structure such as title pages and appendixes.

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