How to Make Extra Money as a Professor

Things You'll Need

  • Computer with Internet access
  • Resume
  • Personal Statement

Often, university professors are seen as having too much free time on their hands because they usually work on a nine month schedule. Most professors will be quick to correct this assumption, as working on a nine month salary schedule means they need to supplement their income for at least three months of the year, as described on The Chronicle of Higher Education website. The months off of teaching can be filled with research related to the professor's field, but this research may not be immediately compensated, leaving the professor in need of additional sources of income.

Update your professional resume and personal statement to include all of your most recent employment positions and accomplishments. Be sure to include publications, awards, and promotions.

Apply for a year-round supplemental income position, such as teaching online or with another university. Online teaching positions can be found at institutions such as Phoenix, DeVry, and many local community colleges. Job postings will be found on each individual school's human resources page.

Apply to work as a freelance writer or freelance copy editor. With any history of publication, finding a position writing or copy editing online can be accomplished with a resume and writing samples. Online writing publications include everything from movie review sites, to writing for sites such as eHow and Helium, to contributing to blogs and newsletters. Print media, such as magazines, can also be broached with a query letter.

Write and send out query letters to pitch article ideas to editors. These letters should describe a pitch, or an idea for an article, why it would appeal to a publication's readers, plus a short paragraph about the sender's background and ability to write on the subject. These letters should be sent to the appropriate editor of a publication. For example, if querying a travel magazine about bar-b-que restaurants in Memphis, be sure to look for either a food or regional editor, rather than the editor-in-chief.

Apply for a tutoring job or post an ad looking for tutoring work. Tutoring primary school age students privately can provide a lucrative second income, as many parents are eager to ensure that their children do not fall behind state standards for grade levels. Want-ads for private tutors can often be found and posted on Craigslist or on community forums.

Before applying for a second year-round job, be sure the necessary time investment will not conflict with duties related to the professorship.