How to Write a Weekly Report on Productions

Things You'll Need

  • Weekly production data
  • Older production data (week before or longer)
  • Computer

Weekly production reports are a tool to keep track, analyze and learn from the production procedures in any company or business. If the company produces insulation, for example, the weekly production report can help determine what works and what does not work for specific time periods in terms of the demand for specific types of sizes of insulation packages. While weekly production reports are primarily for the purpose of the company, they can be made public for others to read.

Create a title page for the report with the company name, the date of the report and the company’s contact information. The title should reflect the week the report is documenting.

Collect all of the relevant production data and information available from production managers and directors. Divide them up into product categories, if applicable.

Calculate how much was produced during the week in question of each product. Also, calculate how much was sold or shipped from the production line, if applicable. It is important to note what type of product was sold or shipped during the week in question. Create charts and graphs to illustrate the above data.

Write a section explaining what products were sold or shipped during the week. Make sure to mention what type of products were created on the product line as well, so a comparison can be made.

Write a section explaining whether more or less was produced than expected. For example, if one product had been expected to sell-out and the production line made more than enough, and in reality another product sold much more, but was produced in lesser quantities, this is the type of information that is imperative for a company's production levels.

Write a paragraph justifying why there is a large difference in products produced and products sold, if required. This section will change from week to week, so if it is a major downfall one week, know that it will not look like this every week.

Write an additional paragraph to the justification, explaining any budget surprises or large quantity orders that may have affected the production line.

Write a section outlining what could have been improved on the production line. Perhaps some extra staff, more communication, or less ingredients in the product recipe may improve the numbers and statistics.

Write a concluding section that compares all of the data presented in the report thus far. Conclude whether production was better, worse or average compared to previous weeks. If possible, make predictions for the following week’s production numbers based on the justification section and any planned production for the following week.