How to Write for Vanity Fair

Things You'll Need

  • Positive attitude
  • Hard work
  • Experience
  • Grit
  • Creativity
  • More number two (hard work)

According to the Conde Nast website, the company is "provocative'' and "influential," and provides "award winning content, across brands, across platforms, across continents". There are 30 sites listed as Conde Nast properties, including Vanity Fair. There are two approaches that are grounded in enough reality to aid any aspiring VF writer. First, there's the old-fashioned, get-your-foot-in-the-door, work-your-way-from-the-ground-up approach. Second, there is the copy-the-greats approach.

Get Your Foot in the Door and Work Your Way Up

Research the company. See what jobs are available. Check out the cities where the jobs are located. Make sure that your work philosophy aligns with the company's.

Create a profile, fill out an application and submit a resume. Recruiters frequently check profiles to match up resumes and applications with jobs that are open.

Don't limit yourself to just one magazine or look into a summer internship. Consider all opportunities, not just your first choice. Conde Nast promotes heavily from within.

Copy The Greats

Hone your craft. Do what you do very well. Find a structure that you are good at and stick to it.

Advertise your services by being picky about what you publish. Your reputation is on the line.

Write when your notes are fresh in your memory. Play with the words and pare down to your best material. Shorter is better.

Find a good style model and copy it. Perfect it. It's kind of like finding a successful business model and tweaking it until it becomes you.

Do not fall in love with your work. Consider your audience and their needs.


Writing for a living is very difficult. The field is jam-packed full of people who want to write. Vanity Fair has a top-of-the-line reputation among writers. Read up on freelance writing and start small. Get published somewhere and build from there.

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