How to Submit Stories to the AARP

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AARP Magazine features articles and columns of interest to readers who are 50 years or older. The magazine enjoys a national distribution by subscription. If you want to submit a story for consideration to AARP, it is essential that you send your idea before you send the actual story. According to the AARP Writer’s Guidelines, the magazine “will not accept unsolicited manuscripts and any material you submit will not be returned. Additionally, AARP The Magazine rarely uses unsolicited ideas,” meaning they generally solicit writers to write about ideas they have chosen. However, the website for AARP describes writer’s guidelines for those who would like to send their story ideas for consideration.

Formulate a story idea that is suitable for a specific feature or department addressed in the AARP Magazine, such as finance, health and fitness, food and nutrition, travel, consumerism and other topics of general interest to persons 50 and over.

Write a query letter expressing your idea for the story. Tell how you would approach the idea you are proposing and offer some sense of your writing style. Be sure to name the department for which this idea is intended. Your letter should be one page in length, typed.

Include recent samples of your writing that are representative of the style in which you would write this piece but do not send the actual article you are proposing.

Email or mail your query and samples. If you submit via email, include both the query and your samples in the body of message. Do not send attachments. The email address is: Mail AARP queries to:

AARP The Magazine c/o Editorial Submissions 601 E St. NW Washington, DC 20049


AARP does not accept FAXED queries.

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