How to Submit a Movie Idea to Lifetime

The Lifetime network offers a wide variety of programming, ranging from reality TV shows to made-for-TV movies. Some viewers might think of movie concepts they feel would fit well with the network's movies and want to submit these ideas to Lifetime. While the process of submitting movie ideas to Lifetime is more involved than simply mailing off a script, it is possible to do with the help of an agent.

Secure an agent or an attorney who can submit the movie idea on your behalf. According to the Lifetime official website, "it is the policy of LIFETIME not to accept or review any unsolicited material received from individuals who are not represented by agents or attorneys known to LIFETIME or from production companies LIFETIME is not familiar with." You can secure an agent or an attorney locally or over the Internet. You may need to submit samples of your work before an agent or attorney will agree to represent you.

Make a copy of your movie idea and retain the original copy for yourself. Your movie idea may be in the form of a script, a story or a book. Lifetime does not require any specific form of movie submission idea.

Send the copy of your movie idea to your agent or attorney, requesting that they formally submit it to Lifetime for consideration. Request that your movie idea be submitted under the letterhead of your agent or attorney to ensure it gets seen.

Ask your agent or attorney to check with Lifetime regarding the status of your movie idea on your behalf if you have not heard from Lifetime regarding your submission.


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