About Invitations for Book Clubs

Book clubs are popular social gatherings where people discuss a preassigned book. Some book clubs convene intermittently or online, while others have more regimented meeting schedules that may occur weekly, monthly or quarterly. Book club invitations come in many styles, so discovering the types of invitations and benefits to each will help any book club leader determine the right invitation for her next book club meeting.


Book club invitations invoke a like-minded community by bringing together people with a passion for reading. Book clubs promote friendship, stimulate intellectual conversation and broaden knowledge through reading.


Hand-written book club invitations can be addressed to attendees; however, while postal notes are always warmly received, these invitations can be expensive and time-consuming. A postcard mailing can be a more cost-effective option. Consider using online book club e-invitations as an easy, eco-friendly way to invite readers to a meeting. For book clubs open to the public, posters are often created and placed in high-traffic reader areas, such as bookstores and libraries.

Time Frame

Book club leaders should factor a time frame into their invitation-creation decisions. Mailed book club invitations often take several days to arrive to recipients and it is more difficult to communicate time/date changes should the need arise. Online invitations, while less formal, allow for last-minute book club changes to be quickly communicated to all book club members.


Cost may factor into book club invitations. Online styles are often free on websites such as Evite, but find out if all book club members have an email address. Additionally, because hand-written invitations can be costly to purchase and even more so to send through postal mail, book club leaders can consider hand-delivery to recipients with this type of invitation.

Expert Insight

Book club invitations must include essential information, such as the time and date of the approaching meeting. Additionally, a predetermined book must be communicated so all readers show up well-read. Consider using book-themed invitation decorations, or including a bookmark, to spark book club excitement.