How to Keep Paperback Books From Bending

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Over time, paperback books succumb to the effects of age by. Typically, books curl, bend or flatten. Though careful handling helps prevent bent covers and pages, books often require the additional protection of a plastic book cover. Book covers shield a book from dust, dirt and liquid. However, covers fail to protect the pages of a book, while the book is open. Prevent bent pages by using a bookmark, rather than folding the pages to save your place.

Place it on a flat surface, with the inside of the book cover facing you. Open your plastic book cover until it is flat.

Open the book slightly. Slide the front cover into the left pocket of the book cover. Slide the back cover into the right pocket of the book cover.

Close the book. If necessary, connect the adhesive end of the book cover to the spine of the book. While many book covers contain an adhesive end, others fail to include one.

Place your book on a flat surface every time you read. Keep your book flat with each cover touching the flat surface.

Store your book in a bookshelf. If you transport your book from one location to another, place it between two flat surfaces. For example, place it between two hardcover books. If possible, hold the book in your hands.

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  • Bookmark


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