List of Comic Book Publishing Companies

Hundreds of Super Hero Fans Line-Up Early as DC Entertainment Launches New Era of Comic Books

In the world of comic-book publishing, there are industry giants as well as smaller publishers that are helping to fill the shelves at the local comic shop. The industry giants are DC Comics and Marvel Comics, both founded in the 1930s. Over the decades, DC Comics has brought to life such superheroes as Superman and Batman, while Marvel Comics is responsible for the likes of Hulk, Spiderman and Wolverine.

DC Comics

DC Comics introduced Superman in 1938 in Action Comics #1, launching the first of many superheroes. Founded in 1934, DC Comics publishes more than 80 titles a month, and more than 1,000 comic book issues each year.

A division of Time Warner, DC Comics publishes under several names: -DC Universe is home to DC's superheroes. -Vertigo titles are more literary. -WildStorm books appeal to those readers seeking a less conventional superhero. -CMX brings Japanese manga to American audiences. -Zuda Comics offers online comics.

DC also publishes MAD Magazine.

DC Entertainment 1700 Broadway, Seventh Floor New York, NY 10019
(212) 636-5400

Marvel Comics

Timely Comics published its first comic book in 1939. It evolved into entertainment giant Marvel Entertainment, LLC, which in 2010 franchised its library of 5,000 characters in a variety of media. Marvel Comics is the publishing branch of the company, publishing more than 40 families of titles.

Marvel Entertainment, LLC 417 5th Avenue New York, NY 10016 212-576-4000

Other Publishers

In addition to the industry giants, many smaller publishers exist, including the following: Action Planet Comics; Adhesive Comics; American Mule Entertainment; Antarctic Press; Archie Comics; Arrow Comics; Asylum Press; Avalon Studios; Avatar Press; Basement Comics; Bench Comics; Bio Comics; Blink Comics; BloodFire Studios; Bongo Comics Group; Broken Halos; Caliber Comics; Candle Light Press; Cartoon Books; Chaos Comics; Claypool Comics; Contemporary Cartoon Militia; CPM Manga/Central Park Media; CQ Comics Group; Crucial Comics; Crusade Entertainment; Dark Horse Comics; Dark Star Comics; Dreamwave Productions; Dynamanga; EC Comics; Eros Comix; Event Comics; Excel Graphics; Exhibit A Press; Fantagraphics Books; Fiasco Comics; Fireman Press Ltd.; Foglio Publications; Full Bleed Studios; Gemstone Publishing; The Gifted; Green Man Press; Halloween Comics; Harvey Entertainment Company; Hurricane Comics; Hyperwerks; I Box Publishing; iComics; Image Comics; Impulse Comics; Indyworld; Ironhorse Comics; Jinxworld; Jippi Forlag; Keen Spot; Last Gasp; Light Speed Press; Limelight Publishing; Mixx Entertainment; Mock Man Press; Mojo Press; Monkeysuit; NEC New England Comics Press; Oneshot Comics; Oni Press; Pagan City Comics; Panther Comics; PhanTomb Publishing; Rip Off Press; Sabre's Edge Studios; Shadow House; Sirius Entertainment; Slave Labor Graphics; Spawn; Spilled Milk; Spum Co.; Stan Lee Media; Strumhaus; Studio Ironcat; T&D Publishing; Timespell; Topps; Top Cow; Top Shelf Comix; Vision Land Comics; Viz Comics; Warp Graphics; World Famous Comics; Wyldcard Studio; XXXenophile Comics; Zark; Zero G Comics.

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