A List of Professional Scholarly Journals

Professional scholarly journals help people studying or practicing any discipline by providing peer-reviewed articles that feature the latest information. In fact, scholarly journals can range from a periodical with a title as specific as "Metabolic Brain Disease" to journals that deal generally with any given profession, such as the titles in the following list.

American Economic Review

This quarterly journal about general economic interests began 1911. Published by the American Economic Association, it is one of the "oldest and most respected" economic journals, according to its website.

American Economic Review 2403 Sidney St. Suite 260 Pittsburgh, PA 15203 (412) 432-2300 aeaweb.org

American Journal of Education

Sponsored by the Penn State College of Education and published by the University of Chicago Press, the American Journal of Education has had its current title since 1979. First published in 1893 as the School Review, this quarterly journal publishes research articles on "educational scholarship, policy and practice," according to its website.

The University of Chicago Press Journals Division P.O. Box 37005 Chicago, IL 60637 (877) 705-1878 journals.uchicago.edu

American Journal of Psychology

The University of Illinois publishes the American Journal of Psychology, which G. Stanley Hall founded in 1887. This quarterly, peer-reviewed journal focuses on "the science of the mind and behavior," according to its website, and publishes papers on experimental psychology, historical reports and book reviews.

University of Illinois 1325 South Oak St. Champaign, IL 61820 (217) 333-0950 press.uillinois.edu

Journal of Philosophy

The Journal of Philosophy has had many names since its founding in 1904, but Columbia University has remained the publisher throughout the name changes. Its defined purpose, according to its website, is "to publish philosophical articles of current interest and encourage the interchange of ideas, especially the exploration of the borderline between philosophy and other disciplines."

Journal of Philosophy 1150 Amsterdam Ave. Mail Code 4972 Columbia University New York, NY 10027 (212) 666-4419 journalofphilosophy.org

New England Journal of Medicine

The Massachusetts Medical Society publishes this general medical journal weekly, and it features articles on medical research and policy. It specializes in articles about internal medicine and specialty topics such as cardiology, endocrinology and oncology, according to its website.

New England Journal of Medicine 860 Winter St. Waltham, MA 02451 (800) 843-6356 content.nejm.org

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