How to Make a Book Trailer

Book trailers are the newest rage in the publishing industry. A book trailer is like a movie trailer, but tends to use stills to peak interest and text to tell it. Some use movie narration. It can be done in any format. By using a book trailer the potential to increase sales is there. Some companies do a full production to make a book trailer, but start it off simple. If you paid someone to do it, the cost would range from $250 to $4,000 depending on what you wanted.

Make a storyboard of your movie. A storyboard is an instrument that filmmakers use to know what is going to take place in a movie. It includes the shot (picture) and the dialog or narration. If you are using video, this is one of the best tools for saving you time.

Gather the stills (pictures) you want to use to tell the story of your book. Use public domain photos or those you have taken yourself.

Open your Movie Editor or use one online like Slide Roll or Jump Cut. Windows Movie works well on the PC, but iMovies is great too if you have a Mac.

Place the pictures in the order you want them to go. In the normal state, a still is on screen for four seconds; adjust this according to your needs. You can do that on the timelime.

Add text in the appropriate places. In Windows Movie, it can be difficult, but it can be done. Look under the Title Creation section. Click on the picture where you want the words. Then tell the program to put it over that picture. You will need to go the timeline and adjust the time or it will stay on there for about 10 seconds. That may not sound long, but in movies, it is.

Add music. Some people put the music first, but this causes you to plan according to the music. Use public domain or your own music because if you use music with a copyright, even if it is for noncommercial use, you could be sued (see Resources).


Be brief; 30 seconds to three minutes.

Do not use copyrighted music or photos

Dialog is discouraged unless you are excellent with sound.

Things You'll Need

  • Stills
  • Music (public domain)
  • Movie editing program