How to Make a Catalog of Books

Cataloging software is essential for any avid reader. Once you've amassed a book collection that's too deep to recall from memory, you can use a cataloging application to make finding your books less of a mental workout. Cataloging software also makes your book collection more accessible to your friends and colleagues, allowing them to methodically search for a title to fit their needs. And with the help of some free applications, you can get start organizing your books into catalogs.

Step 1

Catalog your book collection with a free LibraryThing account. With a free LibraryThing account, you can catalog up to 200 book and store the records in your online account. You can search for your books by title or ISBN number, and browse nearly 700 libraries to find them. You can even set the status of your books, marking them as unread or loaned out for example.

Step 2

Download and install a free copy of Biblio to create a catalog of books. Biblio enables you to search for your books by ISBN, or International Standard Book Number, or title, through Amazon's database. And because the program as free, you can create as many different catalogs as you'd like. You can even create a catalog of borrowed items, which can help you avoid library fines. After compiling your catalog, you can export it to a variety of formats or print out a hard copy.

Step 3

Create and manage a book catalog, using a free copy of MediaBB. MediaBB allows you to locate and add books using their ISBN or Amazon Standard Identification Number, but you can also add books manually. And when you're ready to export you catalog, you can save it in CSV format and even backup book covers as JPEG images. MediaBB also supports the cataloging of DVDs and boardgames.