How to Make a Proverb

Proverbs express wisdom. They derive from various countries and cultures. A proverb is a simple saying that explains a truth. Proverbs are much more than just facts. People throughout history have created proverbs that express truths about the world, observations about life and moral teachings. Through metaphor cultural beliefs are explained. By following a few techniques you will be able to create a proverb to teach future generations about life.

Step 1

Brainstorm about some problems or worries you were able to overcome. Write these down along with how you were able to overcome them.

Step 2

Pick one of the problems and write it up as a lesson. For example, "If you leave milk on the counter for days it will spoil"

Step 3

Try adding some colorful language or symbolism to the proverb to illustrate its meaning.

Step 4

Make sure the proverb is no longer than one to two sentences long.

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