How to Make Really Good Flip Books

Flip books, sometimes referred to as flick books, have been around for decades. John Barnes Linnett created the first flip book in 1868. Flip books are a primitive form of animation and are fun and easy to make. Learn how you can make really good flip books that will provide hours of entertainment for adults and children alike.

Cut several pieces of paper to match the size of the flip book you want to make. Your flip book can be any size, but the ideal size is around 3"x5". It will be easier to handle at that size.

Draw the first illustration on the first page of your flip book. It can be anything you want it to be, but you should keep it very simple for your first flip book, especially if you're new to drawing. Keep your drawings as close to the upper right-hand corner or right side of your flip book edge paper as possible.

Draw the same image on the next page, altering it slightly to reflect the action you want in your flip book. If you're drawing something as simple as a character running, the first drawing might show your character standing still, while the next drawing would be basically the same drawing, except your character may have one foot raised slightly off the ground.

Add as many pages to your flip book as you want, altering each page to illustrate the next action in your flip book animation. The more slight variations you have in your drawing, the more detailed your animation will be when you "flip" the pages. Check your pages as you add new drawings so you can see the progression as you go, which helps you see how your drawing alterations are going.

Do a run-through when you finish the flip book. Stack your pages in order, first drawing to last, and flip through them quickly. The drawings viewed this way will show the animation you've created. If you like what you have, it's time to bind the flip book. You can do this by gluing or stapling the left edge of your flip book.

Add color to your drawings for flashier animation.

Make your drawings more complex for better animations.

Use flip books to advertise your company or product.

You can make a more realistic animation using actual photographs.

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