How to Make a Title Page for a Research Paper

You will need to apply a few simple rules to make a title page for a research paper in APA style or MLA style. The majority of high schools and colleges use either the APA or the MLA writing format style. Be sure you write your paper entirely in one style or the other, though--mixing and matching is not allowed.

Place the abbreviated title for an APA style page in the upper right corner, right justified, on the first line, followed by five spaces and the page numeral one. The abbreviated title consists of the first two to three words of the title. Two double spaces below and left justified place the words "Running head" followed by a colon. Following the colon, type an abbreviated title, no more than 50 characters and all in upper case.

Place the title of an APA style title page centered in the middle of the page and double-spaced. Create a concise but fully developed title that summarizes the main idea of your paper and contains 10 to 12 words. Double-spaced below the title place your complete name and below that, your school or institution's full name.

Don't worry about a title page in MLA style: Under MLA guidelines, the research paper does not need a traditional separate title page. Place traditional title page information on the first page of the paper. Give the entire document 1-inch margins and double-space it.

On the first page of an MLA-style research paper, left justified at the top of the paper place your name, your instructor's name, the course name and number and the date. This information should be double-spaced, each on separate lines. After this title page information, double space and enter the title of the research paper. Following the title, double-space and begin the body of the research paper.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer or high quality writing paper