How to Do PPT in APA Format

When using the American Psychological Association, or APA, citation format, most commonly employed in the social sciences, you can structure your PowerPoint presentation as you would your paper -- beginning with a title slide, followed by slides summarizing your research and original arguments, and ending with a slide listing your presentation references. Accordingly, you must maintain consistent APA format citations throughout your presentation for images, textual sources and other referenced presentations.

Image Captions

All borrowed images or illustrations must bear a caption that identifies its source. If a figure is borrowed from a publication, your caption should read as follows: Figure Number. Title of image (Author Last Name, Date). If the image is an illustration or work of art, your caption should include the artist’s name, title of work, and date, as well as copyright or licensing information if applicable. You do not need to cite any clip art unless you have purchased it.

Quotations and Paraphrases

Any direct citation borrowed from another source for use in your presentation slides should appear on your slide as enclosed in quotation marks and immediately followed with the author’s last name and date and the quotation’s page number, enclosed in parentheses. Paraphrases are treated identically; however, you can omit the page number.

Reference List

You should include your complete list of citations mentioned in your presentation in a final reference list slide. The basic APA format for a book reference listing includes the following information: Author’s Last Name, First Name. (Publication year). Title of work (in italics). Publishing Location: Publisher. The same format is used for journal articles, with the addition of the journal title in italics following the unitalicized article title, the subsequent inclusion of a volume or issue number, if applicable, and concluding with the article’s page numbers. Images or figures should be credited in the reference section, beginning with the artist’s last name and first initial and continuing with the work’s full title, followed by the date in parentheses, the medium in brackets, and concluding with the work’s location. Images borrowed from online sources must also include the URL from which you retrieved the image in your reference list.

Referencing A PowerPoint

The APA method also stipulates how to reference other PowerPoint presentations. In addition to the in-text citation including the author’s last name and publication date, your reference list for a presentation citation should read as follows: Author’s Last Name, First Name. (Date). Title of presentation (in italics) [media type, such as PowerPoint slides or PDF file]. Retrieved from