What Is a Project Narrative?

A project narrative is used to define ideas for a project or proposal and describe how the ideas will be carried out. Project narratives are commonly used when writing proposals for business grants or research projects. The writer usually begins with a statement of purpose, the objectives of the proposed project and preliminary information that supports the project's feasibility. Good project narratives are easy to read, well organized and able to convince the reader to consider the merits of the proposed project.

Proposed Timeline

Project narratives predict what activities are going to happen during the period of their funding. They clearly lay out a time frame for the proposed activities, complete with the facilities and resources that are needed to complete them. A timeline shows potential investors that the proposers have conducted realistic and adequate planning.

Project Management Plan

A project management plan is essential to a project narrative. It explains who will oversee the project, how tasks will be delegated and how they will be carried out. It proposes an ongoing project by discussing plans for future growth, showing sponsors the sustainability of the project.

Evaluation and Dissemination Plan

The evaluation plan details how performance data will be collected and analyzed. This shows sponsors how the project is progressing and whether or not it's meeting its goals. The dissemination plan details how the data will be shared with the public and peers. For instance, a project narrative for a health-care research grant might distribute its findings through medical peer-reviewed journals, newsletters, presentations and conferences.

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