The Proper Way to Cite a Personal Survey in an APA Format

Research is an important part of learning. As you grow as a scholar, you may conduct your own surveys to discover key information. You do need to properly cite personal surveys in American Psychological Association style.

Personal Surveys

The APA style guide requires you to cite a personal survey in a different manner than you would cite surveys conducted by others. You do not need to include this personal survey in your References page, so incorporate the information you would traditionally include on the References page in the body of the paper.

Describe the survey that you have conducted and clearly note that the information you are providing has come from your personal survey. Give your audience information regarding the survey methodology and its participants as well as how the survey was given to them, what questions the survey asked and the number of responses you received. Include the full set of survey questions as an appendix to your essay. For example:

In my survey of 100 graduating seniors from Shark Branch High School, I inquired as to whether or not they felt prepared for college. I distributed a paper questionnaire with 10 questions about old and current courses. I received 100 responses (see Appendix A1 for a copy of survey questions).

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