How to Publish a Book With Penguin Group

The Penguin Group, one of the largest English-language book publishers in the world, has more than thirty imprints covering a wide range of genres. If you have a high-quality manuscript and follow all of Penguin Group's submission guidelines, you might be able to find a home with them. Once your first manuscript has been accepted, you'll have a better chance of having subsequent manuscripts accepted as well.

Find a literary agent. Aside from its DAW Books imprint, Penguin doesn't accept unsolicited manuscripts from authors. Visit the Agent Query website and search for literary agents who represent your book's genre. Query all of the agents on your short list---ensuring that you follow their exact instructions---until you find a good match.

Prepare your submission. Work together with your agent to make sure your manuscript, synopsis and proposal are perfect. You get only one shot at impressing a Penguin editor.

Ask your agent to put the Penguin Group at the top of her list of publishers to whom to submit your manuscript, and keep informed of your progress.

Once you have an offer, read Penguin's contract carefully, and reasonably negotiate terms. Have your agent check all rights clauses before you sign.

Sign the contract and wait for the next step---usually working with a Penguin editor to revise problematic areas in your manuscript.


Be patient. The publishing industry moves very slowly. It can take months to hear a response from an agent or editor, and up to two years to see your book in print.

Be realistic. As a debut author with the Penguin Group, you might not get the royalties you expect.

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