How to Publish a Christian Book With LifeWay Publishers

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LifeWay Christian Resources is a group that offers a variety of different resources for the Christian community. Their publishing wing is called B&H Publishing, and they are a major publisher of Christian literature. Such is the popularity of B&H Publishing that they only accept manuscripts from literary agents, rather than from the general public.

Send a letter asking for the B&H publishing guidelines by sending a self-addressed envelope to

Pat Carter: Writer's Guidelines

B&H Publishing Group

127 9th Avenue North, MSN 115

Nashville, TN 37234.

Write your manuscript. The layout and the formatting is not crucial at this stage, but ensuring the right content is vital.

Find a literary agent to send your manuscript to once you are happy with it. You can do this either by searching the Internet, or by looking through your local Yellow Pages. It is best to have a literary agent you can meet face-to-face, so choose one who is local to you. The website includes a directory of literary agents who represent Christian authors.

Have the literary agent send your manuscript to B&H Publishing. They will contact your agent and inform him of whether they wish to publish your work or not. They will send you a contract to sign if they are interested. Once you have signed this, then your book can be published.


  • Only submit books that fit within B&H publishing ethos. Aside from just textbooks and Bibles, B&H now accepts submissions related to any aspect of a Christian lifestyle. For example, they publish books on homeschooling, youth issues and Christian-friendly novels.


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