How to Publish a Poem Book for Free

Updated July 12, 2018

Publishing scams for decades have focused on publishing your poetry and fiction for free. Modern innovations and e-book publishing, however, make publishing a poem book for free a reality without the scam.

How to Publish a Poem Book for Free

Visit Amazon's Digital Text Platform. The digital text platform allows individuals to self-publish fiction, non-fiction and poetry books for free.

Log in with Amazon account information or create an Amazon account. You will be taken to the dashboard for publishing your own titles via Amazon in e-book format. The popularity of Amazon makes this a viable option for you.

In the Digital Text Platform, go to My Shelf, select Add New Item. Enter the publication details. You are required to enter the title of your poem book and the author (your name). However, the more details you add, the more likely your poem book will be searchable. You'll want to add a detailed description and keywords.

Upload your poem book for publishing. You can upload it in .pdf, .doc, .txt or .html formats. The site recommends HTML in order to maintain your formatting as desired when it is converted to publish your poem book.

Review the converted file to assure that formatting changes held. You may need to repeat the upload and conversion process a couple of times until you've gotten the formatting the way you want it.

Price your poem book. When you are satisfied with the format and the style, you can publish your poem book for free and enter the price you will charge for it. Now you can advertise your poem book on your website and other outlets.

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  • Don't pay a fee to publish your book. Self-publishing is growing in popularity both with book buyers and book publishers.

Things Needed

  • Computer Internet connection Book of original poetry

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