How to Publish a Writing Journal

Do you want to become a published author but don't want to have to write a lot of text to go inside of a book? Why not publish a writing journal? Allow your creativity to work for you by creating something that can be beneficial and therapeutic to others.

Create a theme for your journal.

Create short theme-related inspirational phrases or sentences to go inside the writing journal. You can create a new phrase for each page, or you can rotate the phrases throughout the pages of the writing journal. An example of a short phrase that could be used for a journal with the theme "No More Sad Days" could be, "I will not focus on the pain of my past today, but I will focus on the joy of my future." Another phrase could state, "I will no longer allow the things I have gone through to make me bitter. From this day forward they will only make me better."

Submit book proposals for your writing journal to book publishers. There is no limit to the amount of publishers you can send a proposal to. Your proposal will undergo a review process, after which it will be accepted or rejected. The review process typically takes six to eight weeks.

Self-publish your writing journal by submitting the completed journal manuscript to a self-publishing book company. You'll have to pay a fee to self-publish, but it is a way to get your writing journal published quickly without having to wait for an acceptance or rejection letter. You would still retain the rights to your writing journal, allowing you to republish it if your proposal is accepted by a major publisher.


If you choose to self-publish your writing journal, make sure you have a strategy to market your book.

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