How to Read Louis L'Amour Stories Online

Even since his death in 1988, Louis L'Amour has remained one of the most popular English-language writers in the world. Several volumes of short stories, published posthumously, have only enhanced his worldwide reputation and popularity. For those wishing to read his works online, here is how to go about finding his stories.

Louis L'Amour Online

Step 1

Search the web for websites dedicated to the life and works of Louis L'Amour. There are several that might be of interest to the reader, though no actual stories are available at these sites. At one website that is dedicated to Louis L'Amour,, you will find lots of information about L'Amour, but nothing written by the writer except for a few quotes. Or you can go to a blog that is a discussion about L'Amour's written works. Here is the link:

Step 2

Download one of the three online reading systems. All these downloads are free, but remember that all you are getting at this point is the software that allows you to read L'Amour. You will still have to purchase the actual words and text that he wrote. The three major choices that you have for e-reading software are Adobe and Microsoft. Here are the respective links where you can download the software:

Adobe: Microsoft;

Step 3

Do an online search that includes the author's name and the term "eBook" or "online." Once the search is completed, you will be directed to one of the online market houses that sell eBooks. You will have to purchase the eBook with a credit card and then follow the site's instructions for making the text available to read. '},{'content':'Don't forget that Amazon as well as most of the big publishing houses and book retailers (Random House, Barnes and Noble, etc.) offer online books for sale.