How to Reference an Article on a Website With No Author or Date in APA Format

Papers written in the science, social science, business and nursing fields typically follow APA format to indicate what information is borrowed and acknowledge the sources for that information. According to the sixth edition of the "Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association," citations typically include the author's last name and the year of publication. The manual also sets out specific guidelines for citing sources without these details.

No Author

The author of the site may be an organization, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If this is the case, use that organization's title as the author's name, spelling it out the first time you reference the source. If you cite the organization more than three times in your paper, subsequent citations may use an acronym, such as CDC. The author's name may be listed at the very bottom of the page or elsewhere with the copyright information.

If the page truly lists no author, use the title of the page, in quotation marks, in place of the author's name for the in-text citation: ("Sources Indicate Deception," 2013).

The title takes the place of the author on the References page, as well, so the entry begins with the title. For example: "Sources Indicate Deception." (2013). Retrieved from [insert full URL here]

No Date

Web pages sometimes convey dates in the copyright, which may appear at the bottom of the page. In the citation for a Web site that lists no date at all, indicate that by writing "n.d." (without the quotation marks) within the parentheses. An in-text citation for a site with an organizational author but no date would look like this example: (CDC, n.d.). If no author or date appear, the citation would look like this example:

("Sources Indicate Deception," n.d.).

The "n.d." takes the place of the date for the entry on the References page, as well: "Sources Indicate Deception." (n.d.). Retrieved from [insert full URL here]

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