How to Reference a YouTube Video in APA Format

Using a YouTube video as a reference in your research paper can be a great way to engage your audience and strengthen your discussion point. However, a video must be properly cited like any other reference. In APA style, the video must be cited on your reference page. It should also be cited within the text if you are discussing the video within the body of your paper.

Reference Page

Like any other citation, YouTube videos should be listed beginning with the author’s last name. However, in many cases, only a screen name is provided. The person who uploaded the video is considered the author to use for the reference. When the author's full name is provided, begin with the author's last name, comma, first initial, period; capitalize the first letter of the last name, as well as the first initial. In brackets, include the author's screen name, followed by a period outside the brackets. If only the screen name is provided, use this as the author's last name and do not include the brackets with the screen name. In parenthesis, write out the year, comma, month and day, then close the parenthesis and end with a period. Next, write out the title of the video, then write the words Video file in brackets, followed by a period outside the brackets. Finally, write the words Retrieved from, then paste the video's url.

In-Text Citation

When referencing a YouTube video in the body of your research paper, your citation should refer to the author's last name and the year. In parenthesis, include the last name, a comma, and the year the video was published. If the author only provides a screen name, in parenthesis write the screen name, a comma, and the year.

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