How to Remove a Kindle's Back Cover

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Certain features of the kindle require the user to open its back cover. Specifically, the memory card, battery, and reset buttons are located under the back cover. Thus, in order to replace the memory or battery or to reset the kindle, it is necessary to remove the back cover. Fortunately, the process for removing the back cover of the kindle is relatively simple. The cover can be slid off if pressed in the correct location.

Hold the Kindle in two hands with the back of the device facing you. Ensure you are holding the Kindle such that your fingers are not pressing on the screen.

Turn off the power to the Kindle. The power button is located on the back of the Kindle close to the rear outside of the unit.

Locate the rear panel that slides off the device. One edge of this panel will wrap around the edge of the Kindle. Hold the device so that this side of the rear panel is facing away from you.

Press down firmly with your thumbs on the edges of this panel and push the panel away from you. It should slide off gently.


  • The rear panel of the Kindle is designed to slide relatively easily. If you find that you need to pry the panel with a tool to remove it, stop and check with the manufacturer to ensure you do not damage the Kindle.

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