How to Sell Used Christian Books

Selling used books is an easy and fun way to share books and earn money. However, this business can also be very beneficial for your customers, particularly if you sell high-quality religious texts at a great price. By specifically dealing with Christian literature, you are able to cultivate a special relationship with your customers and spread the word of God.

Selling Used Books In Person

Find used Christian books. You can get used and unwanted books from friends, family and your private collection. Many thrift stores also supply used books at a reasonable price. Aim to gather between 50 and 75 books to start.

Check the books for damage and wear. Categorize books by paperback and hardcover and then by quality. (Four-six categories is ideal.)

Determine a price for your books, keeping in mind the ultimate goals of your project. If you intend to provide a low-income community with religious literature, then price accordingly. If you are trying to turn a profit, price your books based on your total startup costs and intended turn-around. (Reasonable prices for paperbacks are $0.50 to $3, or $1 to $10 for hardcovers.)

Write the prices of the books on a poster. You may also write them inside each book with a pencil.

Set up the books on a table or book cart so that they are categorized by price. Make sure to put large books toward the back and line up spines so that the titles and covers are visible.

Stock a cash box or cash envelope with ample change. Write down the amount you began with--this should not be confused with profit and should be subtracted from the total amount you have at the end of the sale.

Sell books at a yard sale, book fair or swap meet.You may organize your own or join a church-sponsored event. Consider setting up a used book table at your next prayer group or Bible study. Remember, you will not be able to sell on your day of worship; be creative about finding ways to access your readers.

Expand your business by selling books through existing stores. Approach used book store merchants to directly purchase or stock your books in their store. Don't forget that selling books in-person allows people with limited resources to benefit from your spiritual texts. Being personable and accessible is the key to spreading a positive message.

Selling Books Online

Gather, review, and price books as described above. You will also want to have shipping materials handy. (USPS priority flat rate boxes are an inexpensive option. The postal service will even pick up your packages from your home.)

Sign up with a reputable online marketplace such as, or Although there are a number of sites that allow you to sell online, you should only register and sell through a well-known site. Be wary of sites that do not offer activity tracking services or customer support. Expect that all of these sites will request a 5 to 20 percent commission or fee for every sale.

Follow the site's instructions to enter the information about the books that you would like to sell. Depending on the online merchant, you may be able to sell your books individually or as a lot. Don't forget to include the cost of shipping when you set your final price.

Selling Books Through Classified Ads

Find, sort, and price your book collection as in Section 1. Separate any rare, out-of-print and first-edition books from the general stacks. Selling these particular items in the classifieds ensures you are not exposing them to unnecessary handling or rough shipping.

Contact your local newspaper and inquire about placing an ad in the classifieds section. There will be a small fee for this service, depending on the duration and length of your listing.

Place an ad in a local online classifieds website such as This provides you the freedom and security of a traceable financial transaction along with the ability to arrange a pick-up or drop-off.

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