How to Send Fan Mail to Stephen King

Updated July 12, 2018

You were moved by "Misery," scared of "It" and cried for "Cujo." You've read every single Stephen King novel and have longed to tell him in writing how big a fan you are. It's easy to send fan mail to Stephen King. Don't expect an answer, though. If the prolific King spent time answering his thousands of pieces of fan mail, he'd never write any more books.

Address the letter to "Mr. King," not "Stephen" or "Steve." Maintain respect.

Tell him which of his works you like best and why. Keep the letter as short as possible. He probably can't read longer letters. Mention how the books might have influenced you, but refrain from getting too personal.

Send only fan mail. At one time, fans could mail a request to have up to two books signed by King and, once they received a note directing them to do so, could send in the books for autographs. But King now only autographs books at signing events.

Realize that King might not even read the letter. King has an office and a secretary who handles all of his day-to-day business, including going through his mail.

Mail only to his office address or his post office box. You can find both addresses online. King strongly discourages fan mail being sent directly to his house. Again, respect the author's wishes.

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  • Don't make references to personal things, and avoid asking questions. Chances are you are not going to receive a reply.
  • Don't take it personally if he doesn't read your letter. King is simply too busy to read all the fan mail he receives.

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