How to Set Up a Play Script

If you love Broadway, then you have probably seen a number of different plays. As you know, each play begins with a play script. Scripting a play is not a simple matter. Hard questions of plot and character development must be addressed. Further, the play needs to be written in the proper form, otherwise potential buyers will probably not even look at your script when you send it to them.

Write the title page on a blank piece of white paper. The title should appear about three-quarters down the page, centered. Beneath the title (and still centered), double space and write "by" and then double space once again and write your name. In the bottom left corner, write your contact information.

Begin with Act One. The words "ACT ONE" should appear centered at the top of your first page, in all capital letters.

Write "Scene 1" and then provide a description. Under "Act One," on the left side of the page, write "Scene 1." Next, double space and place a tab just off center on the right side of the page. Type a brief description of the scene in this tab; do not indent for paragraphs.

Provide dialog. To write the dialog, center the cursor and write the speakers' names in all capital letters. Format the document so that the cursor is on the left side, double space and write the dialog out underneath the names of the characters.

Write actions in parenthesis. For your actors' actions, before you type the dialog, use parenthesis to denote what they should be doing. For instance, if you want Barry to be softly singing his line, underneath "BARRY" (which would be centered), you would write "(softly singing)" and then double space and write what Barry is softly singing.

Continue each step until the end of the scene, then repeat for the remainder of the scenes and the acts. You don't need to begin a new separate page for each act, but new acts should be clearly noted by centering "ACT TWO" on the page. The end of the play can be denoted by a simple "FIN" or "END"; center your ending word on the page.