How to Store Paperback Books

No matter how old you are, reading is an enlightening and affordable form of entertainment. While some prefer the flexibility of borrowing books from a public library, creating your own collection provides the opportunity to share these treasured works with friends, family, and even your own children well into the future. Proper storage and handling of your books is fundamental to preserving their longevity.

Flip through each paperback book and unfold every dog-eared page. Gently remove any food crumbs or bookmarks to avoid stressing book bindings.

Sort the paperbacks by size--weight, height and width. Within this, you can also sort books by author and/or genre.

Display books on shelves with their bindings facing outward. Make sure that each one is standing straight up; allowing them to lean to one side or another may result in permanently warped bindings over time.

Keep book shelves free of liquids, lit candles and other high heat sources. You may risk damaging your books or starting dangerous fires.

Pack paperback books in sturdy, weather-proof boxes if you choose not to display them. Place the books snugly side-by-side with their bindings facing up. This allow for quick identification of titles.


Label the boxes according to genre and/or author for easy reference.


Ensure the sell-back appeal of paperback books by using bookmarks instead of dog-earing.

Avoid storing boxes of paperback books in garages and basements; these areas can be vulnerable to flooding and vermin infestation.

Do not rip the covers off books, even if they are falling off. Secure covers to the rest of the book with clear tape.