How to Submit Books to Doubleday

Doubleday Publishing Group is part of Random House. In order to have a book published at Doubleday Publishing, an author will need to secure a literary agent. Doubleday receives thousands of queries and submissions annually and only considers those from literary agents. The literary agent will then try to have the book published at a publishing house. The list of publishers with whom they work may include Doubleday. Doubleday publishes hardcover and paperback books in a variety of genres. They publish both non-fiction and fiction.

Find a literary agent to represent you. Your agent will pitch your manuscript or manuscripts to book publishers, including Doubleday. The literary agent is better equipped to match the manuscript to a publisher.

Increase your chances of being published by Doubleday by creating a manuscript on a topic which they currently need. For example, nonfiction writers will increase their chances of being published by Doubleday if they write a biography.

Expand your fiction horizons by providing Doubleday with the genres which are not over-represented in their book catalog. Fiction writers who write exciting works of adventure, confession or mainstream fiction will have a solid chance at getting published by Doubleday.

Experiment with different fiction genres in order to get published by Doubleday. Try experimental writing, ethnic fiction, historic fiction, or religious fiction. Find an agent which works with those genres.

Accept offers to be published by a major publishing house, even if it is not Doubleday. It is more important to find a publisher who will pay you an advance and royalties for your work than to try to get published by one specific publisher.


Be willing to write in a high-demand fiction genre in order to be more marketable to Doubleday.

Do not sign a contract with any literary agency before researching their background.

Things You'll Need

  • Query letter
  • Manuscript
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