How Do I Title an Appendix Chart in APA Style?

Writers in the behavioral and social sciences often need to represent information in charts. They show relationships, hierarchies, components, steps and schematics. If data are too cumbersome to place within the text, display them in an appendix chart. The sixth edition of the "Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association" presents guidelines for formatting such charts.

Appendix Format

Each appendix is reserved for one specific type of information, such as a chart, so each has its own page number. Put the title in the center of the page. Use "Appendix" without quotation marks. If there are multiple appendices, use consecutive letters in the titles, such as "Appendix A" and "Appendix B" without quotation marks. Indent the first line of text five spaces.

Chart Title

In APA style, charts, graphs and scatter plots are considered figures. Number each figure consecutively. Put a label directly below the chart. Begin with "Figure" in italics without quotation marks, then include the figure number and a period. Insert a full description of the figure in sentence case. If including a date, put it in parentheses. Add a period; for example: Figure 3. Executive responsibility flowchart for Agency X (2012).

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