Topics for Satirical Argument Essays

Satire is a specific form of literary humor which puts a biting spin on current events. It can be difficult to choose a topic for a satirical argument essay if you are not accustomed to viewing the world with a critical eye. Satire is used to bring attention to faults in the human condition with the goal of correcting them. It uses an array of grammatical elements including juxtaposition, irony, and exaggeration to convey its message.

Cultural Differences

Compare your own country or culture against another that you have visited or extensively researched. Decide the direction of your satire before you begin. If you believe your country is better, try approaching the essay as if you prefer the other country. The key is to use sarcasm with subtlety. Satire is used to call attention to social problems; by sarcastically praising the flaws of the other country, you can bring attention to actual issues in your own country. If you believe your country has more intellectual freedoms, praise the restrictions of the other country.

Gun Control

Argue that gun control is too lax or too strict. If you believe gun control is too lax, you may put a satirical spin on your argument by declaring that there are not enough guns on the streets. Suggest a law mandating a gun in every household. The irony of the situation provides the satire. If you believe gun control is too strict, you may argue to ban guns altogether. The argument is shown to be ridiculous by the extreme exaggeration.

Illegal Immigration

Argue for or against strict immigration laws. Include in your essay the reasons illegal immigrants take extreme risks to cross the border. List the opportunities available to them when they arrive in the United States; the fact that their options are limited should be played to exaggeration. Offer a realistic but unachievable solution to the problem, such as allowing a militia to stand guard along the border. The United States would never allow this solution, but the shocking and exaggerated nature of the proposal highlights the need for a real solution.

The Economy

Open your paper by confidently stating you have found a way to fix the country’s economic problems. Convince the reader that the monetary system we use now is nothing more than worthless paper, and it would be much more valuable for Americans to return to the barter system. Use your paper to envision a world where people empty their bank accounts and literally throw their money down the drain because it now has no more value than scrap paper. Include examples of citizens trading homemade baked goods or homegrown produce in exchange for products or services. Use confidence in your tone to convey the ridiculousness of this satirical proposition while focusing your critical analysis on the current economic situation.

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