How to Use the Modified Block Style in Microsoft Word 2010

Modified Block Style is a type of page layout used when writing a professional letter, such as a letter to an educational institution, a grant-giving organization or a potential employer. Although Microsoft Word 2010 doesn’t have a Modified Block Style letter template, you can quickly create this layout in the program and save it as a custom template for future use.

Style Differences

Professional letters are often crafted in a style known as Block Style in which text is justified against the left margin and all sections -- sender’s address, date, recipient’s address, body, closing and signature -- formatted with single line spacing and separated by double spacing. With Modified Block Style, the line spacing remains the same, but you slightly change the text positioning so that the sender’s address, date, closing and signature are aligned slightly right of the letter’s center.

Modified Block Style Setup

Microsoft Word 2010 offers many Letter templates pre-formatted with the Block Style layout. To create the Modified Block Style, open a New document using one of these templates, replace the existing text with your own and then use the “Tab” key to re-position the sender’s address, date, closing and signature sections. To save the style as a custom template, use the “Save As” file saving option and then select “Word Template” instead of “Word Document” in the Save as Type field.

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