How to Write an Argumentive Essay

Updated April 17, 2017

Choose a topic. The best types of topics for argumentative essays are issues, about which the writer will argue a specific side. It is best to stay away from overdone, overly controversial topics, like abortion or the death penalty. These topics have been written about extensively, and most people already have a pre-formed opinion about them, so it will be difficult to present information that will persuade a reader.

Write a thesis statement. The thesis is a one-sentence statement that sums up the essay's topic and main point. The thesis should state the topic that you have chosen and clearly express which side of the issue will be argued.

Write an introductory paragraph. This is the first paragraph in the essay, and it should include some type of attention-getter, like a quotation or statistics. The thesis statement should be the last sentence of the introduction.

Write at least three clear body paragraphs that support the thesis. Each body paragraph should stick to a specific subtopic within the issue being argued. It is important to fully argue the point by using direct language and facts, and providing examples to illustrate the facts.

Write a conclusion paragraph that sums up the essay's main points and restates the thesis statement. New ideas should not be expressed in the conclusion. Do not contradict any information that has already been presented in the body.

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  • Include information from reliable sources as supporting material for your argument. If you plan to use source information, be sure to cite it in the text of your essay and on a works-cited page.

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