How to Write an Autobiography Outline

Writing an autobiography requires fact recollection and organization if you want a quality book in the end. The best authors begin any book with a plan in mind--and the steps involved in writing your own tale should be no different. Write an autobiography outline to plan the book before you write even one word of your story.

Write the title, or working title, of the book at the top of a computer word-processing file. Use a bold or underlined font to set it off from the rest of the outline.

Write one or two sentences at the top of your autobiography outline explaining the reason you are writing it. Determining the focus of the autobiography will make the rest of the outline process easier.

Create a series of chronological subheadings or chapter titles for your autobiography outline. These may include such things as childhood, teen years, becoming an adult and middle age. You might also organize your autobiography based on locations if you moved often or other criteria that have been present through most of your life.

Write a few major points in your life under each subheading; indent them or mark them with a number or bullet. Include dates or ages with these facts.

Expand each event or fact in the list with dates, names and other data that explain what happened and why it affected your life. Including details that you remember or research will help your autobiography outline be more easily translated into a quality book all about you.