How to Write a Bibliography for a Brochure

While not the most common source of information for papers and reports, brochures can contain a wealth of information that writers may want to integrate into their projects. As long as the brochure is produced and distributed by a reputable organization, there is no harm in using this type of source for your writing assignment. You do, however, need to properly cite the information that you receive from a brochure, just as you would cite the information that you acquired from a book or periodical. Creating the proper APA bibliography citation for a brochure is quite similar to the process used to create a citation for other print media.

Begin with the author's name or the publishing organization. If a name is given for the author of the brochure in question, include this in a last name, first initial format. If, as is often the case, no author is given, use the name of the organization that sponsored the creation of the brochure in lieu of the name. For example, if you are citing a brochure about breast cancer produced and distributed by the American Cancer Society, you would start your citation with "American Cancer Society."

Follow the author or organization information with a period. Periods are often used in APA citations as a way to denote the transition from one section to another. While small, they are important to ensure proper citation production.

Place the year of publication in parenthesis next. This information is usually found on the back of the brochure, commonly near the bottom.

Follow the year with a period, outside of the parenthesis.

Include the title of the brochure, in italics. You should include the entire title, and take care to copy it exactly so that others could locate this brochure based upon your citation.

Type "Brochure" in brackets directly after your title. Take care to capitalize the B in Brochure. This should go directly after your title, and there should be no period between the title and this notation. The notation should look like this [Brochure].

Follow the brochure notation with a period, outside of the brackets.

Include a "retrieved from" notation, if the brochure is available online. To create this notation, type "Retrieved from," followed by the complete URL address for the brochure. If you are using a print brochure, you do not need to include information of this nature.

Follow this notation with a final period to finish your citation.

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