How to Write a Booklet

With computers and printers, everyone can write a booklet, even kids in elementary school (with a little help from the folks). Booklets can be written on virtually any topic, easily printed out and stapled together.They make great gifts, and if you master making a booklet, you could even sell them on the Internet or in retail stores.

Formatting the Document and Creating the Content

Choose something that you enjoy writing about. Getting the idea for a topic is half the battle when writing a booklet.

Some people swear by outlining the booklet first. If it is a how-to manual or a cookbook, you might benefit from outlining the consecutive steps or topics that you will cover. For example, if it's a booklet on how to make desserts, organizing the chapters into the different types of deserts would be helpful to the reader.

Turn on your computer and start Microsoft Word. Create a new file, and under the file menu, select Page Setup. Under the Page selection, choose book pages. This will set your page up for printing page one on the left, and page two on the right.

If you want to change the far right and left margins, as well as the top and bottom ones, you can do it under the Page Setup command, under the Margins command.

Number the pages by going to the Insert tab, and select page numbers. Choose where you want them, bottom or top, and their alignment: right, left or centered.

Start writing! Your booklet can be long, it an be short; the important thing is to convey exactly what you intended. It helps to have your friends review it along the way. An impartial set of eyes will spot things that need correcting, expanding, or deleting. Writing a book is hard work, so take your time. Seldom does someone sit down and produce a booklet overnight.

When you believe you have completed your booklet, run the spelling and grammar check on it. Sometimes the word processing software will recommend changes to your grammar that are not justified. If it recommends making a grammar change that would result in something that is not grammatically correct, ignore the suggetion.

You will need to prepare a separate title page, in which you can put a copyright symbol. Under the Insert command, choose Symbol, and then choose the copyright, click insert, and then click close. If yours is an instructional book with chapters or sections, you might want to include a Table of Contents to make it easier for the reader to use.

Make the Booklet

The Internet is full of images that you can use, if they are not copyrighted or trademarked. However, these images have a small file size, and will not print well. If you can, either design your own artwork for the cover or get some stock photo images.

The easiest way to add images for a cover is to create a table, and insert the image into one of the table's cells. Once your page is formatted just how you want it, go to the Table menu, and select the table style, which is under Table Autoformat. From the list, choose Table Normal. This will turn off all the table borders.

Put the heavy cover stock in the printer, and print your cover. Print the book using the paper of your choice.

When your booklet is completely printed, carefully fold the pages in half, as well as the cover, and staple it together, about an inch and a half from the top and bottom.


You can add pictures or other artwork within your document by using the Insert command or putting in a table and embedding the image in a table cell.


You can use ribbons to tie the book's pages together. Simply punch two holes and thread the ribbon inside, and tie the bow on the outside.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Microsoft Word
  • Heavy paper for cover
  • Paper
  • Stapler
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